Our Work


Aikarthya has been conducting projects since 2010 to create change in areas that young people have identified as areas of concern to them. From eradicating Educational inequity to promoting gender equality, Aikarthya focuses on ground-level engagement to transform the lives of people. Browse through our programs below to get a better understanding. 


Project Lit-Num 

Lighting Pathways to Knowledge - Online Literacy & Numeracy Classes

Our mission is to empower students in grades 3 to 6, hailing from underserved backgrounds, with the gift of education. Through online literacy and numeracy classes, we strive to nurture a love for learning, foster essential skills, and uplift the aspirations of children who deserve every chance to succeed

Lit-Num Library

Stories that Spark Minds -  through One-Pager Stories and Interactive Comprehension 

The Lit-Num Library project aims to provide an engaging and effective reading program for children from low-income schools. This one-pager story levelled program incorporates comprehension assessments through Google Forms, allowing children to check their reading levels. The program encourages children to advance to higher reading levels by achieving a minimum score of 80% on comprehension assessments.

Super Teacher 2.0

Super Teacher 2.0 is a pioneering educational initiative aimed at transforming the learning experience for students in low-income private schools. Through comprehensive teacher training, innovative lesson plans, and effective classroom management techniques, Super Teacher 2.0 empowers educators to deliver quality education and improve literacy levels among grades 1 to 5. This program is a beacon of hope, bridging educational gaps and creating brighter futures for underserved communities