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Based on research, organizations around the world have found great benefit in providing their employees with the opportunity to dedicate their skills, interest and time to social development projects with well-established NGOs.

Partnerships between corporates and development organizations accomplish more than engagement in projects to serve the community. Based on feedback from corporate employees as well as NGO employees, this collaborative effort provides valuable personal experience to benefit the work of both sets of employees. Furthermore, job satisfaction has been cited as the primary benefit for partnerships between corporates and NGOs.

Aikarthya with other NGOs / Social Groups  and corporates to create and conduct programs that work toward a common goal and make a sustainable impact. For the past seven years, Aikarthya has been on-ground working with local communities to understand the needs of different people-groups and work with them to create effective change. 

There are different ways to partner with Aikarthya either as an NGO or as a corporate:


If you would like to partner with Aikarthya to work with local communities to make a positive and lasting impact, please read more by clicking on the buttons above and fill out the form on the relevant page to get in touch with us!

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